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St. Louis needs more outdoor activities for everyone.

This was what we noticed as residents who live, work, and raise our families here. But we knew an outdoor recreation park had to serve a bigger purpose rather than just a place to have fun. We believe that something interesting happens when you combine fun activities with a set of progressive challenges. Conquering a challenge is so much better when you are surrounded by others who encourage and support you.

RYZE was created to be this place - to have fun AND to inspire anyone of any skill, age, or attitude to get up, get out, and doing something outdoors for themselves (while having a blast doing it with their friends or family)

Purpose Driven Fun

We created RYZE to share in this purpose. Our team is here to help you feel lifted, confident, and energized to conquer challenges while you have fun! We worked at sports recreational facilities for years, and we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work. And now we've applied all of this to make RYZE amazing.

Something For Everyone

We designed the park for anyone who wants some outdoor activity in mind. From the young kid who wants to play on a playground, to the parent who wants some fun time with their kids and flex their playful side or the daredevil (our RYZE Ninja Warriors) who want to face the biggest challenges we offer.

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