Cancellation Policy

We get it. Life happens and you may have to cancel.

We want you to book with confidence!
You can cancel your own reservation anytime before the start of your first activity. We will immediately email you the full value of your purchase in the form of a digital gift card. You may apply it anytime towards a new activity date and time.

Step 1

Go to your original RYZE Confirmation or Reminder Email to find your reservation's Client Terminal and click the orange box that says "Manage Reservation." Note your 4-digit pin, navigate to the bottom section of your Client Terminal called "Need More Control", click "Go to Full Terminal", and enter your pin number.

Step 2

On the bottom right of your Client Terminal click the button "Cancel Reservation" to begin the process.

Step 3

Note the reason for cancelling in the box and submit by clicking "Confirm Cancel"

Step 4

You will be automatically emailed a Digital Gift Card. Click the link in the email to see your gift card value and code.

Step 5

Start a New Reservation online at ryzeadventure.com
and apply your unique code at checkout.
Groups of 10 or more require a 48 hour notice.
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Weather Policy

Rain policy

The Adventure Park is open rain or shine, so we recommend dressing for the weather! If you don’t want to climb in the rain, you may always reschedule for a later time in the day or for a different day even if we remain open.

We do monitor for lightning, heavy rain, high winds, snow and ice, and will close the course as necessary to keep our guests and staff safe.

Severe Weather Policy

At the Park we make the safety of customers and staff our top priority. When lightning strikes within a certain radius, we will close. Whether we open back up on a given day depends on the forecast. If our county is under a severe thunderstorm warning or watch, we may decide to close in anticipation of a storm rather than wait for it to hit.
While it may appear that skies are clear at the Park, if radar indicates any danger coming, we must close. We will make every effort to contact leaders of any remaining reservations in a day should we be forced to close due to weather.

If you are unable to reach us and the forecast is uncertain, please check our Facebook page, where we will post updates regarding closures.

Guests actively engaged in activities at time of closure:
We will either extend your time or issue you a digital gift card for the full amount of your ticket purchase. The digital gift card will be emailed to you for your future use.

Guests who have not yet arrived:
A digital gift card for the full amount of your purchase will be emailed to you for your future use. You can apply your gift card code in the online checkout process towards a new reservation anytime.
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Chech our facebook page for weather closure updates