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Clip in and zip off on an exciting outdoor zipline adventure. Standing three stories tall, launch out over the park from the Adventure tower on a 200-foot zipline thrill ride! Our ziplines are unique in that you glide effortlessly from platform to platform, so there are no sudden harsh landings in mulch like other traditional experiences. Voted #1 St Louis Zipline & Ropes Course centrally located in Maryland Heights.

Best of all, the zipline experience is included FREE with an Adventure Tower ticket purchase!
Launch from heights of 30+ feet
Soar over the park on two 200 foot ziplines
Thrill to speeds of up to 20+ mph
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Get the Zipline Experience FREE with your Adventure Tower ticket
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  • Women launching from Zipline Pad off the aerial adventure course in St. Louis, MO
  • Young female soaring on Zipline to the high ropes course located in St. Louis, MO
  • Zipliner with the Adventure Tower in Background near Creve Couer, MO
  • Young girl about to embark across the zipline located in Maryland Heights, MO
  • Young boy ziplining back to the ropes course and aerial adventure tower in Maryland Heights, MO
  • Young adult female on a ride across the zipline back to the climbing course in Maryland Heights, MO
A man on a zip jet challenge and a young girl sitting in a bucket on another zip element on the ropes course

Bonus! Fun Zipline Challenges on the Tower

RYZE takes ziplining to another level! As you make your way up the Adventure Tower, encounter seven fun, playful, and exciting zipline challenges as you go. You can try the zip scooter, zip jet, zip drone, zip eagle, and many others. Soar safely from one obstacle to the next as high as 40 feet off the ground! 

BONUS Zip Challenge on the Little Ninja Course – The Zip Bucket!
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How much does the zipline cost?  it's free!  Zipping is Included with your adventure Tower ticket.

The Zipline experience is included as one of over 100 obstacles and challenges on the RYZE Adventure Tower. Clip in using our secure CLiC-iT system, and launch yourself 30 feet above the park for 400 feet of zipline adventure!
Get the Zipline Experience with your Adventure Tower ticket
Safety briefing with kids on the Little Ninja Course at RYZE Adventure Park
Safety Is Our Top Priority

Climb with Confidence

Our harnesses are equipped with the CLiC-iT double clip system that allows full mobility while ensuring you are safely clipped in at all times for a safe and fun adventure.

Our fully-trained guides are stationed on each level to assist you if you need help.


Make sure you're ready to roll before booking.
Maximum weight for zip 265lbs. 

Minimum height is 4' 8" (56 in) to zip
Physical Capabilities
The course is designed for a wide range of physical abilities from very easy to extremely difficult. If you can climb stairs you can probably complete many of the challenges or watch others from the walkways on each level. 

Guests cannot be pregnant or have physical limitations that will limit their ability to perform the skills needed on the adventure courses. Persons who have not been cleared by a physician or suffering from certain health and orthopedic problems: back/spinal column issues, joint ailments, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular problems may not be able to participate.
Little Ninja Course - Ground Level
Ages 4-7
Must be supervised by a responsible chaperone, no ticket required while child is on lower level.

Upper Levels - 2, 3, and 4
Minimum height is 4' 8" (56 in)
Every participant must sign a Liability & Release Waiver. Participants under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver by a parent.
Gloves are REQUIRED for the zipline and are recommended for the rest of the climbing tower. You can use your own or you can buy them from us.

Closed-toe shoes are REQUIRED; Crocs, Chacos, and flip-flops are not acceptable.

Lightweight, light-colored, athletic clothing is best. You may get a little dirty so feel free to bring a change of clothing for the ride home. 

Dress for the Weather: Wear sunscreen (at least 30 SPF), bring extra clothes for cold weather: hats, rain gear and dressing in layers is recommended. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are ziplines so popular?
Ziplines have gained popularity for several reasons, offering a thrilling and unique experience that appeals to a wide range of people. Here are some factors contributing to their popularity:

Adventure and Thrill: Ziplining provides an adrenaline rush and a sense of adventure as participants soar through the air at high speeds. The combination of speed and height creates an exhilarating experience.

Accessibility: Ziplining is often accessible to a broad audience, including people of various ages and fitness levels. Many ziplines are designed to be user-friendly, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced thrill-seekers.

Social and Group Activities: Ziplining is often a group or team activity, making it a social and shared experience. This adds to the enjoyment, as participants can share the excitement with friends or family.

Outdoor Recreation: Ziplining is a form of outdoor recreation that allows people to connect with nature. It offers a break from routine and provides an opportunity to experience the outdoors in a unique and adventurous way.

Tourism and Attractions: Ziplines are frequently integrated into tourist destinations and adventure parks as a key attraction. This contributes to their popularity, especially in locations known for their natural beauty or adventure tourism.

Safety Measures: Over time, safety standards for zip lines have improved, making them more secure and reliable. Advanced equipment, trained guides, and stringent safety protocols have helped build trust among participants, encouraging more people to try ziplining.

In summary, the combination of adventure, accessibility, social aspects, outdoor recreation, and safety measures has contributed to the widespread popularity of ziplines as a recreational activity.
Are Reservations Required?
Reservations are not required but highly recommended to ensure availability.
When Should I arrive?
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to check-in. Your adventure starts promptly at the time you've reserved, and we cannot guarantee accommodation for late arrivals.
Is it safe?
The safety and security of our guests is a top priority at RYZE Adventure Park. Our Adventure Tower uses  the  smart belay system, a technology designed for each climber to engage carabiners at the entrance of the tower stairs that will not unclip fully until the climber has returned to the bottom level of the stairs.  

While there are inherent risks in outdoor recreational activities and extreme sports, we provide guests with the instructional skills training they need to safely engage in activities. Additionally, we have signage throughout the park to direct your safe adventure and our trained RYZE guides are stationed throughout the park to assist and monitor your experience.

How difficult is the course?
Our Adventure Tower creates a safe interactive atmosphere that features 4 levels and 100+ challenge elements that range from very easy to extremely difficult. Our course uniquely allows you to pick and choose your desired route. You decide how high you go and how hard you want to course to be.
Is there an entrance fee?
No. The Adventure Park is free for those accompanying a paid guest. Guests only pay to use the waiver-based activities at the park, such as the Adventure Tower, Observation Tower Pass, Mini-golf, etc. 
What is the cancellation Policy?
We want you to book with confidence. You can cancel your own reservation anytime before the start of your first activity. We will immediately email you the full value of your purchase in the form of a digital gift card. You may apply it anytime towards a new activity date and time.
For more info visit the cancellation policy
What happens if it rains?
The Adventure Park is open rain or shine, so we recommend dressing for the weather! If you don’t want to climb in the rain, you may always reschedule for a later time in the day or for a different day even if we remain open.

We do monitor for lightning, heavy rain, high winds, snow and ice, and will close the course as necessary to keep our guests and staff safe.
For more info visit the weather policy
What is ziplining?
Ziplining is an outdoor adventure where participants slide along a suspended cable wearing a harness attached to a pulley. The cable connects two points, and participants start from a higher point, gliding to a lower one. This thrilling activity combines speed and height, offering an accessible and exciting experience for a wide range of individuals. Popular in various settings, ziplining provides an adrenaline rush and a unique perspective of the outdoors.

How do you stop while ziplining?
The RYZE zipline utilizes a design that uses gravity to slow you down as you move along the cable and approach the "landing platform."
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